The Jungian psychology approach Anxiety

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anxiety is a very common disease in today & # 39; s world, largely due to the fact that we feel rushed, pushed and pressure to perform, to pay the mortgage, dealing with the kids, and on top of all to live a full life. No wonder that anxiety. But what anxiety is trying to tell us? A Jungian psychology point of view, the psyche of anxiety & # 39; s way of telling us that the way we live in balance. Rather than view anxiety as something to be eliminated, drug therapy, we need to see how the psyche gives us a clear message to the one-sided life and gently asking us to change this. Against this background, anxiety symptoms are there to guide us to a lifestyle that no longer works.

Carl Jung argued that anxiety symptoms are purposeful, functional, and one goal – to change our way of life. When these symptoms discontinue medication, denying the wisdom of the soul that is normal, natural change. Anxiety often appear in mid-life, when many people experiencing mid-life crisis. The first half of our identity for the development of life, relationships, occupation and building the necessary resources for all these tasks. But the time will come when you must turn inward to meet with the contents of the unconscious (as our dreams are often provided), and search out the essential meaning of life. What is my purpose in life? Why am I here? How can I live a more balanced, natural life? This anxiety that often drives us to answer these questions. The next time you feel intense anxiety, ask yourself what your soul is trying to tell you? What I do is to create anxiety will start to cause symptoms, but a cure.

If the question – what's the anxiety you saying – we begin to deal with the cause. This may mean some change in the way of life of life, but this change does not necessarily mean that they are less competent, or less valuable, but also means that if you start to value the wisdom of the soul more than before. the causes of anxiety and so lifestyle changes should decrease anxiety, having reached its goal – which is to the full, balanced lifestyle.

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