Stress and anxiety – you need & # 39; Nerve Pills & # 39;?

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"We need a big inexperience inaccessible to anxiety." (Anon)

This is the age of anxiety! Seventy percent of the people today are stressed out from overload – work harder for the same pay, juggling family and work, and worry about the money. As well, some anxiety disorders including panic, phobias, obsessions and compulsions – disorders in which anxiety is inside. It reduces stress and anxiety effectively we need to understand what the symptoms and emotions, worry precisely, learn coping strategies, and find support. But it must be an easier way – we & # 39; nerve pills & # 39;?

calm calming the minds racing, slow beating heart, relieve tension in breathing, relax the cramping, muscle pain and help you sleep. Benzodiazepines, such as & # 39; Xanax & # 39; (Alprazolam – short-acting) or & # 39; Rivotril & # 39; (Clonazepam – a long-acting) help dealing with major life stresses, in particular if it is at night when the anxiety symptoms, such as insomnia significantly interfere with work or caring for the child.

But taking more than an occasional doses can cause problems. Sedatives and potentially dangerous side effects, including decreased mental alertness, concentration and memory, and physical insecurity. Driving can become dangerous, it may trigger depression and react badly with alcohol. Regular use can lead to tolerance and increasing doses – people seem particularly vulnerable to abusive situations or who have problems with alcohol or other drugs. Sedatives be stopped gradually or you risk dangerous withdrawal symptoms including seizures. The most stressful situations, it would be better to experience and express emotions, not just the numbing them and uses the energy of anxiety is to find a way to get healthier will be equal to the stress.

anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessions and compulsions, medicines to treat more severe symptoms and anxiety can be invaluable allows us to work, at least in the early stages. But in the long run, it & # 39; s best to correct the underlying biochemical imbalance using antidepressant drugs such as & # 39; Paxil & # 39; or & # 39; Zoloft & # 39;. They must be poor excessive or compulsive problem, do not make a dazed, reducing the frequency and severity of panic attacks and treat depression, which is often part of the mood disorder. Knowing that control the anxiety of self-motivation to find more long-term success. However, some people need to take medicine indefinitely just to function properly, and do not feel guilty about it anymore, it is a person's diabetes is insulin.

Anxiety disorders may start young – many students quit high school because of a phobia of public speaking. When we started teaching anxiety and coping skills early might be to reduce the rates of severe anxiety disorders, alcohol and drugs.

sedatives can really help you to turn off the anxiety, but the drugs (alcohol) manage the common stresses of modern life-threatening – such as painting, like a rust stains in the car without rust. If you do tranquilizers, work closely with your doctor, which aims to gradually reduce the dose, and learning effective coping techniques. Ask your doctor, cognitive behavioral therapy, anxiety programs and support groups. Yoga, relaxation, some herbs and acupuncture can be useful. Read books and learn from others who have returned because of the knowledge, skills, support and perseverance to fight anxiety can win!

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