How asthma inhaler work?

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asthma inhaler to the life-saving asthma sufferers . Asthma inhalers provide a safety net for people with asthma and is used when an asthma attack is imminent.

The most common asthma inhaler is a reservoir that delivers asthma nebulizer through mediation in the form of a mist.

asthma inhaler has been used for nearly a hundred years and has improved a lot in recent years to guarantee greater absorption and effect. The principle remains the same, even though the medication has changed over the years.

When the asthmatic people suffer from asthma attack, the muscles of the bronchial tubes become narrowed, and thus make it difficult for people to breathe. Asthma inhaler helps relax the muscles, which allows a person to breathe. Doctors also recommend that patients suffering from asthma use inhalers before going to bed at night, and even when you wake up in the morning.

users first use of asthma inhalers difficult to use at first. Although it looks simple, the timing is very important. The mouthpiece in the mouth with a touch of a button, it is difficult to breathe at the same time to take medicine for asthma can go into the lungs.

After the inhaler is released, then exhale just as hard. It is important to not have much time to get it right, as during an asthma attack, a person can think, and be able to do this instinctively.

In one motion, the total dosage of the drug to the lungs, asthma attacks and increase your chances of recovery.

There is no current cure for asthma and asthma inhaler very valuable lifesaving which helped save many people & # 39; s life.

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